Liftgate Repair & Maintenance Services

Looking For Liftgate Repair and Maintenance Services on Long Island?

A&D Maintenance & Repairs provides liftgate services and liftgate repairs for a variety of liftgates and other hydraulic equipment. Our experienced technicians can provide all types of repairs and maintenance to your liftgate equipment. Be sure to let us know about your liftgates and their usage before they break down so that we can help you plan an inspection schedule that best suits your liftgate needs. Our technicians can assist you in deciding what interval would work best for you based on your lift gate model, cycles per week and type of industry. A&D is a one stop shop that will provide you with all your liftgate repair needs.

Our Liftgate Repair and Maintenance Services Include:

  • Liftgate repair and liftgate maintenance
  • Disassemble and resealing of hydraulic cylinders
  • Forklift repair and service
  • Electric forklift service
  • Pallet jack service
  • Scissor lift service
  • Hydraulic equipment repair and service

Common issues with liftgate that we repair:

  • Spring-ride Suspension
  • Air-ride Suspension
  • Roll Up Door or Swing Door
  • Failed Wheel Bearings
  • Brake Drum Shoes and Springs
  • Landing Gear

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